Certificate in Maternal and Child Health

The non-degree Certificate in Maternal and Child Health an 18 credit hour program designed to provide students with education and training in the life course perspective to address persistent and emerging issues pertaining to maternal and child health.  These issues will include current ones such as infant mortality, maternal mortality and its determinants as well as new morbidities and the double burden of diseases such as co-occurrence of communicable and non-communicable diseases in MCH subjects at the local, national and global levels.  Students will gain competency in the scientific basis of MCH and public health, methodological and analytical skills, management and communication, policy and advocacy skills plus values and ethics in MCH public health practice. 
The program is designed to serve the following:  members of the public health workforce interested in moving their professional portfolio to MCH and transition into career positions in public health; individuals who completed a Baccalaureate degree or a graduate program in a relevant discipline; individuals who are not interested in a master or doctoral degree but who wish to hold a credential in public health in the MCH area; and MPH students from concentrations other than MCH or other health science students who wish to hold a credential in public health in the MCH area.

Program Requirements

Core Curriculum

A total of 18 credit hours are required for completion of the Certificate in Maternal and Child Health.

Core Courses: 18 credit hours

CPH 501 Health Behavior

3 cr hrs

CPH 504 Introduction to Epidemiology

3 cr hrs

CPH 546 Introduction to MCH

3 cr hrs

CPH 547 Advanced MCH

3 cr hrs

CPH 548 Child and Adolescent Growth and Development

2 cr hr

CPH 549 Women’s Health

2 cr hrs

CPH 627 Epidemiological Measurements and Research in MCH

2 cr hrs

Total Credits:

18 cr hrs