DrPH Practicum Experience


The purpose of the DrPH Practicum is to provide all DrPH students with an applied, scholarly, and mutually beneficial advanced-level practice experience in a public health setting. This experience augments the academic course work, meets community needs, and advances public health practice. It also provides students with an opportunity to integrate and apply at least six foundational public health competencies, including at least three leadership-related competencies. Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of public health principles, values and practice, as well as develop leadership competencies. Students will complete a total of 300 hours of experience for their practicum.

Through participation in CPH 798 Practicum, students will:

  1. Engage in a practicum with a partner organization that:
    1. Clearly demonstrates integrated and applied knowledge, principles and skills acquired through classroom instruction
    2. Meets the partner organization’s identified needs
    3. Advances public health practice

  2. Perform activities that demonstrate the development, enhancement, and application of DrPH foundational public health competencies (including at least three leadership competencies) and describe activities performed to achieve/address these competencies.

  3. Develop at least one beneficial product for the partner organization that demonstrates the leadership competency.

  4. Develop a final presentation that reflects the integration of public health knowledge, principles and skills and demonstrates mastery of public health principles, values and practice.

Course Registration

DrPH registration prerequisites:

  1. Participation in DrPH Practicum Orientation (held every semester)
  2. Good academic standing
  3. Completion of at least 6 credit hours in the DrPH program
  4. Completion of Affiliation Agreement
  5. Approval of the Practicum Learning Contract by the Director of Professional Programs.


Students should begin planning for Practicum at least one semester in advance. They should talk with their advisor about practicum options and how to ensure it meets their career goals early in the DrPH program.

Example Timeline:

Student intends to register in the summer semester.