MPH Capstone


The Capstone Experience (CE) is required of all students in the MPH program. This experience is intended to contribute to the health of the population and provide students with learning and further development of public health competencies under the guidance and supervision of professionals.

The CE is a student-directed study supervised by a CE committee comprised of at least two COPH faculty members. Students should meet with their academic advisor for support in developing this experience.

Students should refer to the Capstone Experience Handbook for more information.  Students should refer to the Canvas COPH Student Success Center for a significant number of additional MPH Capstone resources.  These are located under Academic Program Information.  

Course Registration:

In order to enroll in MPH Capstone CPH 529, students must have:

The completed Capstone approval form, along with the plan of study, must be submitted to the Director of Professional Programs to obtain permission to register for CPH 529. The form can be found in the Canvas Student Success Center under MPH Capstone Information.


UNMC MPH Capstone Suggested Timelines

Students should begin preparations two semesters before the intended registration term. Students should work closely with their academic advisor to develop the Capstone project.

For more information on Capstone, please contact:

Anthony Blake, MPH
Director of Professional Programs

Information about the Applied Practice Experience (APEx) may be found on the Office of Public Health Practice website.