DO/MPH Dual Degree

Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine / Certificate or Master of Public Health Dual Degree Program

A partnership between UNMC COPH and Kansas City University established in 2021 allows KCU-Kansas City Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) students to pursue a Certificate in Public Health and Master of Public Health. The dual degree program allows DO students to complete both the DO and MPH degrees in four years. The DO-MPH dual degree program prepares students to better understand and address health issues on a population level and expand job opportunities. Career options for DO-MPH students are wide-ranging.  

DO students who would like to apply for the Certificate in Public Health must be approved for the program by the KCU-Kansas City Campus Dean.  DO students must apply for the certificate program in the first year of their DO enrollment and will complete the certificate during the first two years of the DO program in order to continue toward the MPH and graduate with the DO and MPH concurrently. To apply into the MPH degree program, DO students must complete the certificate program and submit their application in their second year of medical school by June 1. 

More information on the DO-MPH can be found here.