MBA/MPH Dual Degree

MBA/MPH (Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Health)

The Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health dual degree program (MBA/MPH) is designed for students who desire specialized expertise and training in public health management and administration. Graduates will be equipped to work in a variety of public interest arenas, commercial or industrial employment, hospitals or insurance settings, or in universities.

Depending upon the student’s chosen area of specialty, graduates will be prepared to:

MPH Concentrations areas:

Curriculum Outline

MBA/MPH dual-degree students may take both business and public health courses in a sequence based on a plan of study agreed upon by faculty advisors from both programs. Students with non-business degrees may be required to complete foundational courses through the College of Business. MBA course credit hours transfer to the MPH degree to fulfill elective credit requirements, so students complete 33-36 credit hours towards the MPH program, depending on student concentration. The Applied Practice Experience (three credit hours) and Capstone Experience (three credit hours) will follow the guidelines of the UNMC MPH Program. The student’s MPH Capstone committee should include faculty from both programs.

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