MBA/MPH Dual Degree

MBA/MPH (Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Health)

The Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health dual degree program (MBA/MPH) is designed for students who desire specialized expertise and training in public health management and administration. Graduates will be equipped to work in a variety of public interest arenas, commercial or industrial employment, hospitals or insurance settings, or in universities.

Depending upon the student’s chosen area of specialty, graduates will be prepared to:

MPH Concentrations areas:

Curriculum Outline

A student in the dual degree program may take both business and public health courses in a sequence that meets the approval of the College of Business Administration and the College of Public Health. The College of Business Administration normally requires 36 credit hours for the MBA degree. Additionally, students with non-business degrees may be required to complete foundation courses, including BSAD 8110 – Accounting and Financial Fundamentals (or ACCT 2010 and ACCT 2020); and BSAD 8180 – Analytical Foundations of Economics (or ECON 2200 and ECON 2220); and BSAD 3160 – Managerial Statistics for Business or one semester of statistics which will be satisfied by CPH 506/BIOS 806 – Biostatistics I.  The College of Public Health normally requires 45 hours for the MPH degree.  Students select an MPH area of concentration that best suits the student’s interest with the knowledge that some prerequisites courses may be required.  The MPH requires 12 hours of concentration courses, 6 hours of elective courses, and 6 hours of service learning/capstone. The concentrations in the MPH program available for the MBA/MPH program are: Public Health Administration, & Health Policy. The Service Learning (three credit hours) and Capstone Experience (three credit hours) will follow the guidelines of the UNMC MPH Program as described in the College of Public Health Service-Learning/Capstone Experience Handbook. The objectives, components, details of assignment, advisors, timelines, and evaluation of student performance are to be formulated later by the student and his or her Capstone Committee.

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