Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

Aim of SURP Experience in COPH:

Provide talented undergraduate students with a mentored research experience that expands their scientific learning, knowledge and skills in the field of public health.


Accepted applicants will spend a 10 week full-time placement with a COPH researcher working on a previously identified public health research project. The students will receive a stipend for their work, attend enrichment seminars and participate in campus and COPH networking and social activities.


COPH Immersion Activities for SURP students

  1. Organized event for interaction with College of Public Health students
  2. Scheduled events to explore the different disciplines within public health
  3. Group learning session on preparing to apply to professional programs.
  4. Group session on Careers in Public Health
  5. Weekly meetings with the COPH SURP Director.
  6. Student-to-student mentoring with COPH student.

Project Descriptions:

* Will be posted as soon as available.

For additional information contact Beckie McCaw.