College of Public Health Fall Visit

The College of Public Health Fall Visit is designed to offer undergraduate students from Chadron, Peru, and Wayne State College, and the University of Nebraska Kearney, an opportunity to visit the College of Public Health, explore our campus, and learn about our program offerings, including the PHEAST program. PHEAST allows students from our PHEAST partner institutions to obtain tuition remission during two years of undergraduate study, and gain provisional acceptance into the Master of Public Health Program at UNMC. Engaging presentations from faculty and staff allow students to also get to know the important work of public health in Nebraska and beyond.  

Space is limited, students interested in attending should contact their respective PHEAST Campus Representative.

Campus Representative: Ms. Kristal Kuhnel  
Phone: 308-432-6278  
Campus Representative: Dr. Gul Ahmad 
Phone: 402-872-2269
Campus Representative: Dr. Mary Ettel 
Phone: 402-375-7342
Campus Representative: Ms. Peggy Abels  
Phone: 308-865-8260
E-Mail: E-Mail