Public Health Fellowships

Why a fellowship?

A Fellowship can be an ideal way for a recent COPH graduate to apply their new public health skills in a real-world setting, while benefiting from additional guidance and training from the fellowship program. Fellows receive payment, and often benefits similar to employee benefits, so they can also help you transition from the student life to the professional life. Fellowships vary in length, structure and size of cohort, so make sure to do your research to find the right fit. 

Timing of fellowships

Most fellowships have a competitive, and sometimes lengthy, selection process so be prepared to apply for opportunities far in advance of your graduation date. For example, summer and spring graduates will face Dec-Feb deadlines for the national fellowships.

Fellowship Opportunities 

The following list includes prominent public health fellowships that COPH graduates are encouraged to look into and apply for. There are countless fellowships beyond this listing that you may be interested in. Many professional associations and research institutions offer fellowships, so examine the websites of those entities which align with your interests for potential opportunities not listed here. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

American Public Health Association

Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health