Job Search Services

How to Schedule

You may schedule any of the following services directly with Career Services, via email or phone (402-552-7226).

Mock Interviews

Students and alumni may schedule an appointment for a mock interview with COPH Career Services. Practicing for an interview is one of the best ways you can prepare yourself for the interview experience.

How to Prepare for the Mock Interview

You will be asked to send a copy of your resume via email, at least 24 hours in advance of the mock interview (48 hours in advance if possible). If you are preparing for an interview for a specific opportunity, please also send any relevant information, such as a link to the fellowship program or attach the job description. If you are looking for general interview practice, simply describe the type of positions you anticipate applying for.  

Prepare for this interview as though it is the real thing. Show up on time, and if you are unable to dress interview-appropriate, due to the schedule of your day, notify Career Services in advance.

What to Expect

The appointment will take approximately 1 hour, with 30 minutes for the interview portion and 30 minutes for the debriefing portion.

The mock interview is intended to give you an experience as close to the real thing as possible, in a safe and low pressure environment. You will receive feedback on the content of your responses, as well as your overall poise. This practice and feedback will be the best way to be aware of your interview strengths and weaknesses, so that you can come up with strategies to put your best self forward during the real thing!

Resume Review

How the Resume Review Works
It is best to schedule a 30-60 minute appointment for a resume review. You will need to send your resume 24-48 hours in advance, for a thorough review. You may schedule a general resume review, but keep in mind that resumes are strongest when they are tailored to a specific position, so please also send any information for opportunities that you are applying for.

During the appointment we will review your resume for formatting, grammar and content. You should be prepared to discuss your experiences and career aspirations so that we can make sure your resume is representing you in the best ways possible.

If you are facing a tight deadline, you may also request a basic review via email and receive feedback via track changes.

Career Counseling

Just starting your public health education, or are not sure how to begin your job search? Contact Career Services via email or phone to schedule a career counseling session. We will discuss your interests and background, potential opportunities and career paths, and then brainstorm strategies for you to make the most of your time here at COPH so that you can get the job you want when you graduate.

Prior to your session, please email any specific questions, interests or insights that you have related to your career development, so that useful resources can be identified for you.