New Student Readiness

Welcome to UNMC’s College of Public Health!

Outlined below are some initial information and requirements to help you get started on the right path at UNMC and in your program.


The UNMC NETID is important of access to the following: 

UNMC Outlook account
An email will be sent to the email address you provided on your application with your Outlook account information, as well, as to provide you with a temporary password to access. Once you receive, please set up and change your password.  Any issues please contact UNMC’s Help Desk at 402-559-7700
Click Here to get set up.
NOTE: Once you receive your Outlook account information, communication from UNMC personnel will be sent to your UNMC email account only. Please check daily, as important information is being sent to you. Please allow 5-10 business days to receive this information.
Student Information System - MYRECORDS
The MYRECORDS system is where students complete tasks integral to their enrollment at UNMC like class registration, billing, financial aid awards, immunizations, and much more. 
Learning Management System – CANVAS
Canvas is the Learning Management System used by the UNMC campus to facilitate curriculum and learning.   After registration, students can find their course and syllabi in Canvas once the semester starts.  This is also where incoming students will go to complete FAST START Orientation requirements. 


 Immunizations (On-Campus Programs only)

Submit your required immunizations to UNMC’s Student Health before August 1, 2019. A hold will be placed on your account and you will not be able to register for the fall term until Student Health has processed all supporting documentation demonstrating you have all needed immunizations and titers.   Complete and submit all documentation directly to UNMC Student Health via MYRECORDS.
UNMC Student Health is now accepting all immunization records (new and updated) online using MyRecords. Please log on and click on Access Immunization Center.  Instructions for the process are provided once you log in. 
Click here for new student immunization requirements
Questions, please contact 402-559-5158 or 402-559-5691 or email
Note: It may take 5-7 business days for Student Health to update your records and authorize registration.   Documentation submitted after August 1st may experience further delays in processing due to volume. 


Financial Aid and FAFSA

For more information on financial aid, filing your 2019-2020 FAFSA or contact information please visit the UNMC Office of Financial Aid website.
For the cost of attendance, click here:



IPE: Inter-Professional Education Orientation Event          August 21, 2019 (mandatory)
COPH New Student Orientation                                       August 22, 2019 (mandatory)
UNMC New Student Orientation                                       August 23, 2019               



An interim advisor in your department is available to you prior to your advisor being assigned. They will be able to advise you regarding your plan of study and assist you with courses to register for in your first semester.
Starting February 1st, incoming students will be informed of their interim advisor within two weeks of receiving a letter of admission.  If you are not aware of the contact information for your interim advisor, please contact



Incoming fall 2019 students may start registering for fall classes on May 15th.  Please remember for students in campus-based programs, your immunizations must be received and processed by UNMC Student Health before you will be allowed to register. 


  I-20 Requirements (International Students Only)

To facilitate your international student visa materials, you must provide evidence of sufficient financial resources available to you for your first year of study. Based on current tuition and fees for your program, plus living expenses and insurance, the total amount needed is approximately $36,227. This can be demonstrated through personal bank statements (in English) or through affidavits of support from other sources such as family or friends. Affidavits of support should also be accompanied by bank statements in the provider’s name that show sufficient funds are available.
Please send this documentation to:
                UNMC-College of Public Health
                Attn: Tymaree Sing, Office of Educational Services
                984359 Nebraska Medical Center
                Omaha, NE 68198-4359
                Or scan via email to
                Documents should be received no later than April 15, 2019, best if sooner.

 Helpful Links (We recommend bookmarking them!)

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