Claire M. Hubbard Fellowship Awardees

Claire M. Hubbard Water, Climate and Health Fellowship:

The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute supports the Claire M. Hubbard Water, Climate and Health Fellowship program. This mechanism provides student support funding for projects that address topics at the nexus of water and health. 

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2021 Awardees


Tirthanker Roy, PhD, Assistant Professor, UNL Civil and Environmental Engineering
Student: to be recruited from Fall 2021 Civil Engineering graduate students


A comprehensive framework to assess flood risk within the context of public health:
The goal of this research is to develop a comprehensive framework that can assess flood-induced health risk by taking into account hazard, exposure, vulnerability, and response.


Stephen Thomas, PhD, Associate Professor, UNL School of Natural Resources.
Student: Justin Caniglia, pursuing a Ph.D., SNR


Comparing human and veterinary antibiotics in Nebraska streams:
The goal of this research is to produce baseline data that can be used to compare and contrast spatial and temporal variation in veterinary and human antibiotics in select streams of Nebraska.