Experts by Name

To contact a UNMC expert in the most timely fashion, we recommend contacting a member of the UNMC media relations team during work hours at (402) 559-4353. In most instances, they will try to have the expert return your call within 30 minutes. If you need to reach someone after hours, call (402) 650-7063.

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A top
Ahmad, Iqbal Ophthalmology/vision, regenerative medicine research
Aizenberg, Michele Surgery - neurosurgery, brain tumors
Anderson Berry, Ann Pediatrics/child health - Neonatology
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Anderson, Daniel Cardiology/heart
Are, Chandra Surgery - surgical oncology
Armitage, James Cancer - lymphoma, medical oncology, and hematology
B top
Baldwin, Jeffrey Substance abuse, pediatrics/child health
Band, Hamid Cancer - breast cancer research
Batra, Surinder Cancer - pancreatic cancer research
Bayles, Kenneth Infectious diseases - staph infection research
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Baxter, Timothy Cardiology/heart - vascular surgery
Berger, Ann Cancer - breast cancer fatigue research, sleep disorders
Bonasera, Stephen Geriatrics/Aging research
Buch, Shilpa Substance abuse - NeuroAIDS, drug abuse and AIDS
C top
Cieslak, Ted Infectious Diseases - pediatric epidemiology, global health, bioterrorism, epidemiology
Cooper, Jeffrey Emergency medicine
Cowan, Ken Cancer - breast cancer, breast cancer research
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D top
Dering-Anderson, Ally

Pharmacy/drug delivery

Duncan, Kim F. Surgery - congenital heart defects
E top
Estabrooks, Paul Public health
Evans, Joseph Pediatrics/child health - psychology/mental health
F top
Fayad, Pierre Neurology/stroke
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Fisher, Wayne Autism spectrum disorders
Fletcher, Courtney Pharmacy/drug delivery - AIDS/HIV research
Follett, Kenneth A. Parkinson's, Surgery - neurosurgery
Fox, Howard Alzheimer's/dementia, Parkinson's, AIDS/HIV research
Freifeld, Alison Infectious diseases
G top
Ganti, Apar Cancer - lung, head and neck
Garvin, Kevin Surgery - orthopedic surgery, hip and knee reconstruction
Gendelman, Howard Alzheimer's/dementia, Parkinson's, AIDS/HIV research
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Gigantelli, James Ophthalmology/vision
Grem, Jean Cancer - colon, pancreatic, GI tract disorders
H top
Haider, Hani Surgery, biomedical technology - orthopedic surgery, hip and knee implant research
Harsh, Jennifer Psychiatry/mental health - marriage and family therapy
Havens, Shane Ophthalmology/vision
Hewlett, Angela Infectious Diseases
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Hinrichs, Steve Infectious diseases, biopreparedness research 
J top
Johanning, Jason M. Surgery - vascular surgery, blood vessels
K top
Kalil, Andre Infectious diseases - sepsis, pneumonia, Staphylococcus aureus, Ebola virus disease 
Khan, Ali S. Infectious diseases, public health, Ebola, health security and preparedness
Kinney, Sonja Women's Health - obstetrics & gynecology
Klassen, Lynell Arthritis/inflammation, rheumatology
Klepser, Don Pharmacy/drug delivery
Kratochvil, Christopher Psychiatry/mental health  - child, ADHD
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Kuhn, Brett Psychology/mental health - child sleep disorders
L top
Lackner, Rudy P. Surgery, cancer - lung, esophageal
LaGrange, Chad Surgery - urology
Langnas, Alan Surgery, transplantation/immunology - liver, small bowel
Larsen, Jennifer Diabetes/endocrinology
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Leopold, Donald Ear, nose and throat - smell, sinuses
Lewis, Robert Cell biology (basic research), diabetes/endocrinology
Liu, Howard Psychiatry/Mental Health - child
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Lowes, Brian Cardiology/heart - heart failure
Lunning, Matthew Cancer- lymphoma, oncology & hematology
M top
Mailliard, Mark GI tract disorders - hepatitis, alcohol and drug-induced liver disease
Maskin, Alexander Surgery, transplantation/immunology - uterine, kidney, pancreas
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McBride, Corrigan L. Surgery - bariatric
Mercer, David F. Surgery, transplantation/immunology - pediatric small bowel
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Mercer, David W. Surgery
Michaud, Kaleb Arthritis/inflammation research, rheumatology
Mikuls, Ted Arthritis/inflammation, rheumatology
Mirnics, Karoly Psychiatry/Molecular neurobiology of brain diseases
Muelleman, Robert Emergency medicine 
O top
O’Dell, David Internal medicine
O'Dell, James Arthritis/inflammation, rheumatology
Oleynikov, Dmitry Surgery, biomedical technology - noninvasive
P top
Payne, Jeffrey Oral health research - periodontics, oral and systemic disease
Poole, Jill A. Pulmonology/lung - allergies, asthma
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Potter, Jane Geriatrics/Aging
R top
Reilly, Debra Surgery - plastic, reconstructive
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Rennard, Stephen Pulmonology/lung, regenerative medicine
Rizzino, Angie Regenerative medicine, cancer research
Rizzo, Matt Genetics - inherited metabolic diseases
Romberger, Debra Pulmonology/lung, public health
Rupp, Mark Infectious diseases - staph infection research
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S top
Sarvetnick, Nora Regenerative medicine - genetics and immunology, diabetes
Sebastian, Juliann Nursing
Sharp, J. Graham Regenerative medicine, cell biology (basic research)
Simonsen, Kari Infectious diseases - pediatric
Sisson, Joseph Pulmonology/lung
Smith, Carl V. Women's Health - obstetrics
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Stamler, Lynnette Leesburg Nursing
Swindells, Susan Infectious diseases, AIDS/HIV
T top
Thayer, Sarah P. Surgery - Pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancers
Thompson, Jon S. Surgery - GI tract disorders
Thorell, William E. Surgery - neurosurgery
Thoreson, Wallace Ophthalmology/vision research
V top
Vennerstrom, Jonathan Pharmacy/drug delivery - malaria research
Vose, Julie Cancer research - lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma
W top
Wadman, Michael Emergency medicine - airway management, procedure training, and rural emergency medicine
Wengel, Steven Psychiatry/mental health
Windle, John Cardiology/heart
Y top
Yee, Gary C. Pharmacy/drug delivery, cancer research
Z top
Zeger, Wesley Emergency medicine
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Zucker, Irving H. Cardiology/heart research