Medical Students

Radiology Rotations

Outside medical students please utilize the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) to apply for our radiology rotations. Electives for the next academic year will be visible starting March 1, you can apply starting April 1, and will be notified of decisions May 1. For further questions, contact our education coordinator.

RADI-720 Diagnostic Radiology
Periods offered:
  Each four weeks EXCEPT December
This elective is NOT offered during the month of December. 
Student Limit:  16
Where to Report:  MSB Room 1500 (Hunt Conference Room) at 8:30 a.m.  Students will be notified by letter prior to starting the rotation. 

Daily observations of film interpretation, fluoroscopic examinations and interventional radiographic procedures.  We will discuss plain film analysis of the abdomen and chest, terminology used with different modalities, radiation protection and the patient’s experience of radiological tests.  You will further learn by teaching your peers through unknown cases and presentations.  With the cooperation of the instructor, emphasis can be directed to specialized areas such as pediatric radiology, cardiovascular radiology, ultrasounds, neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, and GU radiology. 

Students will be assigned at the University Hospital.  You will receive your clinical schedule at the beginning of the rotation.  Preferences for a given clinical rotation or special emphasis should be discussed with the student coordinator or curriculum clerk prior to the month. 

RADI-727 Interventional Radiology
Faculty Contact:
 Dr. Joseph McBride
Periods Offered:  Each four weeks
Student Limit:  1
Where to Report:  Contact Tina Hunter in the Department of Radiology. 

This elective exposes the student to the clinical side of radiology.  Interventional Radiology is patient oriented and students are encouraged to participate in pre-procedure workup, observation and performance of procedures, and post procedure care.  Didactic sessions are conducted every morning, where cases of the day and completed cases from the day before are discussed.  Interventional Radiology encompasses most specialties, including peripheral vascular disease, oncology, surgery, internal medicine, ob/gyn, urology, pediatrics, pathology, and neurology to name a few. 

RADI-760 Off-Campus Radiology Elective
Periods Offered
:  Each four weeks
Student Limit:  By Arrangement
Prerequisite:  By permission of Clerkship Coordinator

An Off-Campus Elective Application form must be completed for this experience.  (See Off-Campus Elective Application procedures.) 

The student must have completed Diagnostic Radiology (RADI-720) prior to approval of an off-campus elective, unless the student is planning to take the elective at a teaching (university-affiliated) hospital.