Current Projects

Current Projects

1: Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine

PI: T. Bronich

This project seeks to develop an interdisciplinary Nanomedicine Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). The focus of this proposal is to develop the means to best use devices of nanoscale size to improve outcomes for cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. A wide variety of research projects are associated with this program. Current projects are detailed on the NCN web site.

2: NanoART Manufacture, Delivery and Pharmacokinetics for Optimizing Drug Adherence

PI: H. Gendelman

This is an integrative cross approach translational and multi-investigator program grant seeking to develop nanoformulated antiretroviral drug therapy from the bench to the patient. Imaging studies within this program focus on the identification of biomarkers of NeuroAIDS in mouse models and track the biodistribution and efficacy of nanomedications designed to treat HIV. This critical step in the development process is followed by studies of biodistribution and toxicity in large animal models by Dr. H. Fox, followed with phase 1 clinical trials by Dr. S. Swindells.

3: Chronic HIV infection and Aging in NeuroAIDS (CHAIN Center)

PI: S Buch

 This is a Center grant to provide Administrative and Core Support for scientists investigating NeuroAIDS. Imaging studies  include supplementing funded projects as well as investigations into the imaging properties of transgenic rat and mouse models which over-express proteins generated by the AIDS virus.

4: Neuroprotective Immunity and HIV Dementia

PI: H. Gendelman

 This project is to determine cell responses in macrophages following HIV-1 infection and engagement with T cells and T cell  subsets. Macrophage functions including phagocytosis, antigen presentation, intracellular killing and effector cell responses and their modulation by T cells is a focus for this work. Signal transduction pathways and mechanisms for virus-induced neurotoxicity or neuroprotection will be developed.


PI: H Gendelman

This proposal seeks to generate a solid understanding of the abilities to sustain long-acting nanoformulated antiretroviral therapies during aging. The work rests in the idea that these therapies that are given systemically and every week or month will not only be tolerated better for improving patient compliance but lead to reduced systemic toxicities and viral resistance patterns. The work entails an aggressive evaluation of dosing, immune senesence, tolerance and systemic effects of the nanoformulations. The work will be done in tandem with Dr. Larisa Poluektova and her laboratory in evaluation of specific CNS patterns for viral restriction and potential eradication employing current humanized mouse models and newer ones.