Project Requirements

Project Planning and Implementation


Facility scientists are involved in developing protocols for imaging and image processing, aid in interpretation, and aid in writing manuscripts and grant applications. 

Imaging Services

For the investigator with scientific needs that can be met by their own laboratory, simply providing a copy of the IACUC approval, defining acquisition parameters for the technologists to use for image acquisitions, pick up of animals, and transfer of resulting image data is available and encouraged. 

New Users

For the scientists who are less experienced in imaging sciences, several steps are recommended. 

First, planning and consultation with laboratory personnel are required to generate a sound experimental protocol using developed methods.  It is recommended that this consultation precede the IACUC application process so that the imaging plan can be properly defined in that application. Laboratory scientists will assist in design and implementation on a collaborative basis to assure that protocols are streamlined to efficiently achieve the long term scientific goals of the supported program.  If collaboration is developed, the nature of that collaboration can be discussed and modified as investigators' needs change.

Second, an active IACUC approval is needed for any animal related imaging work. 

Once a protocol is designed, IACUC approved, and tested, experimental protocols can then be scheduled through laboratory personnel. 

Data Analysis

Analysis and interpretation are also available.  Charges will depend upon the amount of work as well as the nature of the work required by laboratory personnel, as analyses can range from a simple region of interest analyses to complex models of influx using advanced kinetic modeling to development of new methods, depending on the needs of the investigator and program availability.