Biodistribution of Gadolinium labeled nanomaterials

MRI T1 maps allow 3 dimensional mapping of Gd labeled compounds’ influx rate constant (Ki) (overlaid in red). Shown is an arthritic rat leg Ki of a polymer prodrug developed by Dr. D. Wang, Center for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine (CDDN, UNMC).

arthritic rat leg Ki of a polymer prodrug

For further information, see:

Quan LD, Wang D, Purdue PE, Liu XM, Boska MD, Lele SM, Thiele GM, Mikuls TR, Dou H, Goldring SR. Development of a macromolecular prodrug for the treatment of inflammatory arthritis: mechanisms involved in arthrotropism and su sustained therapeutic efficacy. Arthritis Res Th. 2010; 12(5) : R170.

For description of method, see:

Ewing, J R et al., Patlak Plots of Gd-DTPA MRI Data Yield Blood-Brain Transfer Constants Concordant With Those of 14C-Sucrose in Areas of Blood-Brain Opening. Magn Reson Med 50, 283 (2003).