Jeffrey Wong, MS



      Jeffrey Wong, MS 黃睿曦 (he/him)
2nd Year Resident, 2020-2022
MS in Medical Physics, Creighton University, 2020
BS in Physics, Creighton University, 2020
 Eligible for ABR Part 1
Professional Memberships:
Selected Publications/Presentations:
  1. Wong J., Baine, M., Wisnoskie, S. et al.  Effects of interobserver and interdisciplinary segmentation variabilities on CT-based radiomics for pancreatic cancer.  Sci Rep 11, 16328 (2021)
  2. Wong J, "From Pictures to Prediction Using Radiomics" MRV AAPM Spring Meeting, 2021 (Med Phys Slam Presentation)
  3. Wong J"Effects of interobserver and interdisciplinary segmentation variabilities on CT-based radiomics for pancreatic cancer" MRV AAPM Spring Meeting, 2021 (Early-Career Investigator Symposium Presentation)
  4. Wong J, Sarah Wisnoskie, Wei Nie, Abby Besemer.  Initial Experience with Varian Portal Dosimetry Patient-Specific QA, AAPM Annual Meeting, 2021. (Poster Presentation)
  5. Wong J, Yu Lei, Sarah Wisnoskie, Andrew Granatowicz, Shuo Wang, Abby Besemer, Megan Hyun, Sumin Zhou, Charles Enke, Qiyong Fan. Validation of ClearCalc Photon Secondary Check Dose Calculation Algorithm, AAPM Annual Meeting, 2021. (Poster Presentation)
  6. Wong J, Thomas G. Wong. Optimizing Quantum Walk Search Algorithm Utilizing Multiple Walk Steps per Oracle Query, Physical Review A, 2019. (Submitted).
  7. Wong J. Operator Exposure in Interventional Radiology. St.Albert's Day Poster Presentation, Creighton University, Omaha, NE, 2019. (Oral Presentation).
  8. Wong J, Andrew Baruth, Nicholas Fischer, Akimasa Tsujimoto, Wayne Barkmeier. Effect of Pre- Etching Agents for universal Adhesives on Enamel Bonding. American Association of Dental Research, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2018. (Poster Presentation).
  9. Nicholas Fischer, Wong J, Mitchel Pham, D. Roselyn Cerutis, Andrew Baruth. In uence of Hand- Polished CAD/CAM Zirconia on Gingival Fibroblast Adhesion. American Association of Dental Research, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2018. (Poster Presentation).
  10. Wong J, Akimasa Tsujimoto, Nicholas Fischer, Andrew Baruth, Wayne Barkmeier, Emily Johnson, Shrestha Samuel, Toshiki Takamizawa, Mark Latta, Masashi Miyazaki. Enamel etching for universal adhe- sives: Examination of enamel etching protocols for optimization of bonding effectiveness., Journal of Operative Dentistry, 2018.
  11. G. Nelson, C. Drapes, R. Gnabasik, M. Grant, Wong J, A. Baruth. Development of a High-Precision Solvent Vapor Annealing Chamber for Polymer Thin Films, Micromachines, 9(6), 271, 2018
  12. Nicholas G Fischer, Wong J, D. Roselyn Cerutis, Andrew Baruth. Effect of clinically relevant CAD/CAM zirconia polishing on gingival broblast adhesion, Materials, 19, 267-275, 2017.

Clinical & Research Interests:
Radiomics/Deep Learning/AI, Patient specific QA, DIR, Brachy, Clinical workflow improvement, trying to build a YouTube channel, anything with code!


Why did you choose to come to UNMC? 
Having spent some time doing research at UNMC prior to joining the residency, I discovered the wide range of talented physicists and their passion for education. Their dedication and passion for education shows in the level of organization embedded in the residency curriculum, which came in handy when it came to upholding the same standard despite the impact of the COVID19 pandemic. I have yet to find a faculty member who has been unwilling to assist me in any way shape or form, and their overwhelming support for both my professional career and in my personal life is something that is a hidden gem found in very few places. Their wide range of interests and expertise also lends itself to the variety of research opportunities available. Not to mention, the $8 daily meal credit that also works on weekends??? ;-)

Favorite part of residency, favorite rotation, or favorite thing about UNMC? 
So many things, but my favorite part/thing about the residency at UNMC is the way I am encouraged by the department to 'add my own flavor' to things. When given the opportunity and responsibilities, my ideas (however ridiculous) are always heard! Because of this, I'm able to best utilize my strengths in the clinic.

Favorite thing to do in Omaha? 
- Omaha has one of the highest restaurants per capita in the US, so as a responsible citizen, I must participate in tasting all the great food this place has to offer!
- I love to bike on the weekends or find a good fishing spot to relax.
- I love cooking food from my home city, Hong Kong.
- I enjoy drawing/painting every now and then our department also does boardgame nights and AmongUs nights, and those are always a blast!

Fun fact about yourself or things you like to do for fun? 
Fun fact: During undergrad, I participated in a volunteer program where you would learn and serve at a community bike shop (here in Omaha) for 40 hours and earn yourself the ability to build your own bike from refurbished parts for free! Unknowingly, I picked out whatever frame (only handlebars were left attached) I thought looked cool and 6 years later, I learned that it was actually a vintage bike frame that can sell for $1000 on eBay! However, it's very sentimental to me since I built it myself, so I haven't sold it yet.
I also love playing board games whenever possible and will also play video games to stay connected with my friends overseas!