Compensation and Benefits

Physics residents receive benefits commensurate with medical residents. These include:

Additional information on benefits can be found at:

University-owned apartments are available for rent by medical physics residents on a first-come-first-served basis. Historically there has been no difficulty in accommodating residents in these apartments. Additionally, the department can provide help to residents to find off-campus housing if desired.

Membership to the AAPM is sponsored by the department for all residents. Residents are provided with all necessary books and educational materials free of charge.

The department intends to sponsor travel costs for each resident to attend one national professional meeting (e.g., AAPM, ASTRO, and RSNA) during their two-year training program. Meeting travel expenses are paid on a ‘funds available’ basis and must be approved by the Director of the Physics division. Historically, funding travel has not been a problem.