Nathan R. Bennion, M.D.

Nathan R. Bennion, M.D.Assistant Professor

Residency - University of Nebraska Medical Center; Omaha, NE; Department of Radiation Oncology
Internship - Riverside Regional Medical Center; Newport News, VA
Medical Degree - Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, VA
Doctor of Medicine conferred on 5/2012
Bachelors of Science - Brigham Young University; Provo, UT
B.A. in Neuroscience 5/2008

Board Certification: 
American Board of Radiology 2018

Professional Memberships:
American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO)
Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology (ARRO)
American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
American Brachytherapy Society (ABS)

Clinical & Research Interests:
Breast Cancer: Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation, Hypofractionation, Heart Sparing Radiation
Gynecologic Oncology
Genitourinary/Prostate Cancer
Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
Brachytherapy (HDR & LDR)
Other malignant and benign conditions treated with radiation

Research Projects:
Head & Neck Anxiety Reduction: A prospective randomized controlled study
Grant funded prospective study to assess the effects of virtual reality-based education to reduce anxiety in patients undergoing radiation to the head and neck region.

Pediatric Cross-sectional Analysis of Treatment Tolerance and Quality of Life
Cross-sectional observation study of side effects and perceived quality of life after radiotherapy.


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