About Us

Our Mission   

Driven by the needs of patients who seek treatment for their incurable diseases, The University of Nebraska Medical Center has established the regenerative medicine program.   Our mission is focused on bringing together forward thinking scientists and clinicians who are committed to understanding the basic science behind tissue engineering and development.  By translating these concepts we seek to pioneer regenerative therapies that can be taken into the clinic, spreading hope throughout the Nebraskan community and around the world.  

Our Vision

Envision a world with no donor organ shortage, where patients with diabetes are cured, damaged hearts are repaired, and gastrointestinal birth defects are corrected. Regenerative medicine may make these dreams a reality. The potential outcomes of Regenerative medicine are endless.

Our vision will see that the research and therapies stemming from this project can be taken directly into the clinic to treat those patients who may have no other hope. Therapies being developed today will offer a faster, more complete recovery with significantly fewer side effects or risk of complications.

Our Focus

Regenerative medicine brings together several different disciplines of science including bioengineering, biology, chemistry, computer science, genetics, medicine, robotics, and many other fields.   The regenerative medicine program is focused on uniting these areas as one force to battle disease head on.  We look forward to the outcomes this project will create both for patients and UNMC as a center of scientific and clinical excellence.