Graduate Program

We are pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the UNMC Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials Design Graduate Program.  This program provides a multidisciplinary/non-traditional focus allowing the student to pursue an individually designed program within Regenerative Medicine.  The individually tailored program allows the student to follow either a Biomedical Track or a Biomedical Engineering Track.  In addition to the academic course requirements associated with each track, students selected for this program will be expected to rotate through all core labs, attend research seminars, publish manuscripts, complete a comprehensive examination and successfully defend their dissertation, among other requirements. Types of research considered relevant include, but are not limited to organogenesis, tissue engineering, polymer chemistry, biomechanics, medical robotics, imaging, stem cell research, and clinical therapeutics.

For admissions information, please visit, MSIA Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials Design (PhD)