Demand grows for bioinformatic gurus

Jim McClay, MD, (left), said that Scott Campbell is an example of the perfect biomedical informatics student.

As information technology becomes more integral to health care, the need grows for specialists who can turn biomedical data into knowledge that will improve people’s health and wellbeing.

That’s why UNMC and the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) integrated three programs to offer master’s and doctorate degrees in biomedical informatics.

Jim McClay, MD, and Scott Campbell, PhD, talk about bioinformatics

The multidisciplinary, interprofessional biomedical informatics program is unique as it joins the bioinformatics program from the UNO College of Information Science and Technology and the UNMC Health Informatics Program and the UNMC Bioinformatics program and uses faculty from both universities.

“We pulled all the informatics programs together under one umbrella, leveraged expertise and opened the door to training and research grants,” said Jim McClay, MD, biomedical informatics program director and associate professor of emergency medicine at UNMC.