MEG Research Study

If you or a loved one has Type 1 diabetes and would like to participate in a study that could help researchers understand the effects of the disease on brain function, this clinical trial may be right for you.

How it Works

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a new type of brain imaging device that allows researchers to see the brain in action. It measures the magnetic fields that are naturally produced by the brain cells that are at work. These magnetic fields are created when the brain cells communicate to each other with electrical signals and thus, the MEG can analyze how the brain solves problems. The MEG device uses no radiation or loud noises and has shown no long term effects which make it 100 percent safe to use.

How to Get Started

Please contact the study coordinator, Grace Lord, at 402-559-6717 to find out if you may be eligible to participate in the MEG Research Study. Although there may not be any direct benefit to you, all tests conducted in relation to the study are at no cost and you will be reimbursed for your time and travel.

303-14-EP principal investigator Dr. Tony Wilson