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We are pleased to present you with our new website of the Saving Faces: Art and Medicine project.  This was a collaborative effort by the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Department of Preventive and Societal Medicine and the University of Nebraska at Omaha Art Gallery.  The project encompassed two components including the Art Exhibition and a Speaker Series addressing topics raised by the paintings.

The paintings shown in this exhibition were  commissioned by Dr. Iain Hutchison, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon at St. Bartholomew's and the Royal London Hospitals.  In initiating the Saving Faces Project, Dr. Hutchison hoped that the process of having artist Mark Gilbert paint his patients' portraits would help them heal and adjust to their facial deformities.  Mark Gilbert painted more than 100 portraits, 42 of which were included in this exhibition.  The Saving Faces portraits provide a visual narrative before, during and after surgery that helps detail each patient's story.


The Speaker Series included 5 major lectures and/or panel presentations, each followed by a period for public discussion.  The format of the Speaker Series was designed to expand the visual narrative provided by the portraits to include scholarly consideration of and community discourse related to the dimensions of the medical humanities


This website has been developed to provide all users’ with an online experience of the exhibit. You will find enhanced information about the works of art which were included in the exhibit.  Transcripts of all Speaker Series events are also included.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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