SAVING FACES:  Art and Medicine


SAVING FACES:  Art and Medicine


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Week 1


"Saving Faces

Art and Medicine"

Iain Hutchison, M.D.




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Week 2


"Healing through the Art and Science of Head and Neck Surgical and Related Interventions"

William Lydiatt, M.D. and panel





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Week 3


"Healing through Poetry"

Mr. Ted Kooser



"Thank you all for coming.  Itís a wonderful honor for me to be here.  Dr. Lydiatt and the University of Nebraska Medical Center saved my life and I owe them a great deal.  I managed to survive head and neck cancer and then all these wonderful things happened to me.  I wanted to begin tonight with a little poem that I wrote recently.  Lots of my friends come up and put their hand on my shoulder and say, ďHow are you doing?  How are you holding up under all that stuff?  Are you doing okay?  How is Kathy doing?  Is she all right,Ē that kind of thing.  So I wrote this poem in answer, and itís called..."

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Week 4


"Regarding Transformation:  Healing and the Perception of Integrity of Person"

Michael Gillespie, Ph.D.






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Week 5


"Healing and its Relationship to the Depiction of Illness"

Mark Gilbert and panel




"Thank you for being here.  This eveningís panel on the exhibition Saving Faces will begin with three brief presentations that will be individual responses to the paintings of Mark Gilbert.  The comments of those of us on the panel may be theoretical, others anecdotal, but all will be in relationship to issues raised by Mark Gilbertís paintings..." 


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