Scheduling Video Conferencing

Scheduling of 0.12.101, 0.12.102, 0.12.103, 4.12.03 and 9.12.330
To provide exceptional support for the advanced level of installed technology the room schedule is initiated via Outlook calendar and delegated for approval.

Information Technology (IT) collaborated with technology integration vendor AVI-SPL to implement new technology systems in the BCC which will enable internal staff and external guests to participate in meetings and events.

In the spirit of enhanced communication and collaboration to best support your needs, until further notice, ITS is requesting all video conferencing requests be submitted via an online form as outlined below.

Steps to schedule an IP video within rooms 0.12.101, 0.12.102, 0.12.103, 4.12.03 and 9.12.330:

    1. Schedule desired room(s) via Outlook calendar. Room must be available and the event scheduled/booked forty-five (45) minutes before the actual event start time.