Non-UNMC Employees

Room Scheduling Process  

Here are the steps to take to schedule a room for Non-UNMC employees.

Step 1: Review the Criteria for Scheduling

Make sure you meet all the criteria for scheduling the room. In some cases, you need approval from additional offices.

TIP: Events and classes will start on the hour or half-hour. They must end 10 minutes before the hour or 20 minutes past the hour (example: a meeting at 10 a.m. will end at 10:50 a.m., not 11 a.m.)

Step 2: Request a Room

Simply complete the Room Scheduling Form. Remember, not all rooms on campus can be scheduled through us, including those in the Michael Sorrell Center. If you're scheduling a room for nonacademic purposes, approval will be granted on a first-come basis. 

TIP: Be sure to provide 2 rooms when you submit your request. That way, you have a second option if your first choice is already booked. 

 Step 3: Watch Your Inbox for a Confirmation Email

We'll send you a confirmation email once we have processed and approved your request. You should receive a response within 2 business days. However, depending on the volume of requests, it may take a little longer. Call us at 402-559-7254 if you have any questions.

TIP: If you need to arrange for A/V room equipment make sure you submit a request to Information Technology Services (ITS).  

Request a Room

  1. Before making your request, please review our scheduling process above.
  2. Fill out the Room Scheduling Form to reserve a meeting or event space.

See a listing of all rooms, listed by capacity.