Our Clinics

SHARING Beginnings 

The SHARING Clinic was opened in 1997 with the goal of providing primary health care to underprivileged populations in the Omaha area. The clinic was founded by a group of medical and nursing students under the guidance of Jim Medder, a family physician, and Kathryn Fiandt, a nurse practitioner.  

SHARING Clinic Mission 

The UNMC SHARING clinics strive to enhance the well-being of the greater Omaha community by providing high-quality, low-cost health care and human services to those in need. In a multidisciplinary educational setting, the SHARING clinics empower patients and instill the values of service and compassion in UNMC students.  

SHARING Clinics 

The SHARING organization oversees four clinics in the Omaha area: SHARING, RESPECT, GOODLIFE, & VISION. The UNMC SHARING Clinic is also partnered with a dental clinic in Lincoln, NE and a primary care clinic in Kearney, NE.