Faculty Providers

The following providers volunteer their time regularly to supervise students at the clinics. Their role in guiding diagnoses and treatment plans, along with student education, is indispensable to operating the clinics. If you would like to be a faculty provider at the clinics, please e-mail the students in charge of provider recruitment

 SHARING Clinic Volunteers: 

Grace Johnson 

Kathy Volkman 

Bob Fuchs 

Megan Frazee 

Mike Wellsandt 

Dan Miller

Rashelle Hoffman 

Dr. Ryan Mullane

Dr. Jennifer Liu

Dr. Tom Tape

Dr. Birgit Khandalavala

Dr. Mahammed Khan Suheb

Dr. William Hay

Dr. Tammy Wichman

Dr. Paul Paulman

Dr. Grant Turner

Dr. Melanie Menning

Dr. Ketki Tendulkar

Dr. Lisa Backer

RESPECT Clinic Volunteers:

Dr. James Lawler

Dr. Clifford Miles 

Daniel Cramer, NP 

Dr. Richard Hankins

Kate Fiandt, NP

Dr. Jordan Tichenor

Dr. Sara Bares 

Dr. Kelly Caverzagie

Dr. Erica Stohs

Dr. Lindsey Rearigh 


GOODLIFE Clinic Volunteers:

Dr. Grant Turner

Dr. Cyrus Desouza

Dr. Laura Armas

Dr. Vijay Shivaswamy

Dr. Jessie Jenkins

Sara Bills 

Laura Bilek 

Rashelle Hoffman

Bri Walbrecht



Jeana Benton

William Roccaforte

Ashish Sharma

Sheritta Strong



Ally Dering-Anderson

Kristen Cook

Jessica Downes

Tamela McCreadie

Jennifer Foster

Logan Franck