Faculty Providers

The following providers volunteer their time regularly to supervise students at the clinics. Their role in guiding diagnoses and treatment plans, along with student education, is indispensable to operating the clinics. If you would like to be a faculty provider at the clinics, please e-mail the students in charge of provider recruitment

SHARING Clinic Volunteers: 

Ryan Mullane, DO

Jennilee Luedders, MD

Neil Kalsi, MD

William Hay, MD

Prasanth Ravipati, MD

Andrew Engle, MD

David Kline, MD

Christopher Snyder, MD, MBA

Elisabeth Backer, MD

Ketki Tendulkar, MD

Felipe Naranjo, MD

Kathleen Borghoff, MD

Karina Bishop, MD, CMD



RESPECT Clinic Volunteers:

Alberto Marcelin, MD

Arthur Kornitsky, DO

Richard Hankins, MD

Angela Hewlett, MD, MS

William Hay, MD

Jasmine Marcelin, MD

Timothy McElroy, MD

Laura Selby, MD

Daniel Brailita, MD

Melissa Teply, MD

David Brett-Major, MD, MPH

Kelly Cawcutt, MD, MS

Carrie Hoarty, MD

Clifford Miles, MD

Jessica Johnson, MSN, APRN-NP



Psychiatry Volunteers:

Sherrita Strong, MD

Ashish Sharma, MD

Sara Zachman, MD, MPH

Riley Machal, MD

Randall Sullivan, MD


Physical Therapy Volunteers:

Mike Wellsandt, PT, DPT

Megan Frazee, PT, DPT

Grace Johnson, PT, DPT, MS

Kathleen Volkman, PT, MS

Sara Bills, PT, DPT

Mike Rosenthal, PT, DSc

Hanna Slosson, DPT

Renee Herbers, DPT

Caleb Nabower, DPT


Pharmacy Volunteers:

Kristen Cook, PharmD

Drew Prescott, PharmD

Logan Franck, PharmD

Jessica Downes, PharmD

Ally Dering-Anderson, PharmD

Shelby Bennett, PharmD

Anthony Donovan, PharmD

Nathan Sutera, PharmD

Josh Havens, PharmD

Karen Knoell, PharmD

Andrew Bendlin, PharmD

Margaret Hitzeman, PharmD

Angela Hawkins, PharmD

Lily Chang, PharmD

Canice Coan, PharmD

Kimberlee Thompson, PharmD

Caressa Trueman, PharmD

Marysa Wilson, PharmD

Emily Shin, PharmD

Allison Beachler, PharmD

Patrick Fuller, PharmD

Matthew Anderson, PharmD

Tamela McCreadie, PharmD

Hannah Stonewall, PharmD

Meghan Blais, PharmD

Christopher Zaleski, PharmD

Greg Gui, PharmD

Joe Nekola, PharmD

Natalie Tiefenthaler, PharmD