Patient Testimonials

I have been coming to SHARING since 2002 and they have been a lifesaver for me. If it wasn't for this clinic I wouldn't be able to function on a daily basis. And I hope to one day be able to give back to sharing clinic because they have saved my life.

SHARING Clinic patient

I just want to tell you how much we greatly appreciate this clinic. We moved to Omaha about a month ago and we are kind of down on our luck right now, we haven't always been. My husband had medications that were costing more than $300/month and no health insurance and he is on unemployment and I am not working. So, basically it was desperate to find out what to do. And after making phone calls to a lot of different places we were able to finally get the phone number of the SHARING clinic. We really didn't have any idea when we came in the first time what this was all about. But after we left here the first time you can't even imagine the relief we had. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. I can tell you that we greatly appreciate this.

Wife of a SHARING Clinic patient

Everyone I have met here is so caring, patient, and helpful in a very professional way. I feel very comfortable coming here to see the student doctors. God Bless the SHARING Clinic, it has sure helped me in keeping my body a little bit healthier so I can make it through another day.

Robert C. Stanton

I feel here at the SHARING Clinic I receive better care than when I had my primary care physician. The student doctors show interest, concern, and actually explain my problems to me. Thank you.

Kay Bivens

The doctors are concerned and care. I like the SHARING Clinic because everyone is so nice and the doctors don't make me feel stupid over my lack of health knowledge. I get all this at a low doctor's fee. For me that is great since I don't make much money and don't have insurance.


Student Testimonials

Students studying labsMy first time at the SHARING clinic, I was privileged to see a patient with type 2 diabetes who was also in the continuity of care program and being managed by an older student. I was not only affected by seeing the struggles that this patient had gone through in the management of her diabetes, but I was also struck by the older student's emotions - she was so relieved when her patient made it to her appointment, and took so much care in ensuring she had her meds, etc. This really solidified in my mind that the SHARING program was something I wanted to be involved in.  

Anna Kolbeck
College of Medicine Class of 2014

SHARING Clinic has given me the confidence and strength to use the knowledge I have developed in class to treat a patient. I have been with my Continuity patient now for almost 2 years and have learned more than any text book could fathom to teach me. Instead my experiences and relationships with my patients will help carry me for many years to come.

Becky Schainost
Pharmacy Class of 2013

In the first semester at UNMC, we learn most of the necessary skills needed to provide basic clinical care. We are assigned a physician to follow for the year in order to observe a health professional in a clinical setting. What we don’t have the opportunity to practice is hands on care with real patients where we are their primary care provider. At the SHARING clinics, I am able to interact with a real patient with real problems and concerns. There is no simulation or standardized test that can replace the experienced gained by connecting with a real patient, listening to their worries and concerns, and formulating a care plan with them. These are the reasons I pursued a profession in medicine, and the SHARING clinics are the only place where experiences like these are available to 1st and 2nd year medical students.

Patrick Anderl
College of Medicine Class of 2014

In the few short months that I have been afforded the opportunity to be Co-President of the SHARING Student Steering Committee, I have learned more about myself, and what it means to help others than I ever thought possible. I have been able to see this wonderful organization from nearly every angle, and what I have seen is truly inspirational. That inspiration has taken the form of students and faculty providers willing to give up countless evenings to provide care to those who need it, members of the Faculty Steering Committee working tirelessly to constantly improve and expand our operations, my fellow Student Steering Committee members doing truly remarkable things in our community, and patients whose heartfelt thanks reminds us all why we do what we do. Through SHARING, I have also experienced personal growth that could come through no other means. As we strive to continually improve our quality of care, the educational experience students receive, and our community at-large, I cannot express how proud I am to be a part of SHARING.

Austin Rupp
College of Medicine Class of 2014

Service learning is a win-win situation where patients get the care they need and students learn outside the classroom. The SHARING Clinics create such an educational experience. I’ll never forget the first time I provided at the GOODLIFE clinic. I was initially there to just observe how the clinic operates, but a last minute appointment added one extra patient that night who was just as new to the clinic as I was. The student administrator reassured me that the faculty would oversee the patient’s care, but I was still nervous. Fortunately, a pharmacy and medical nutrition student were assigned to the patient as well and together we were able to come up with a treatment plan to manage her diabetes. Since that night, I’ve helped at the clinics on multiple occasions, each time gaining more confidence and knowledge than possible from a book. If it were not for the SHARING Clinics, none of this would have been possible.

Erin Fosnaugh
College of Medicine Class of 2014

Volunteering at the SHARING clinic as a physical therapy student gives me the opportunity to serve others in need while developing my personal clinical skills at the same time. Knowing that we saw nearly 1000 patients at the SHARING clinic last year, I truly enjoy giving my time to such a beneficial cause. Ultimately, I think both the patient and student benefit from these experiences!

Kirstin Ostdiek
Physical Therapy Class of 2013

The Continuity Program through the Sharing Clinic was one of my favorite aspects of my first and second years of medical school. Amidst the countless hours of lecture and studying, it was a chance to not only get away from the books for a short time but also reminded me why I was here in the first place. To have a patient depend on you and value your input regarding their health taught me accountability in a way written test simply couldn't do. I found myself looking forward to seeing my patient each month and developed more of a relationship with them than I had anticipated. As a student with an original plan of Emergency Medicine, it showed me just how valuable continuity of care is and how rewarding it can be to see a patient's health improve over an extended period of time, knowing you took part and helped in that process.

Dawn Heeren
College of Medicine Class of 2013

My favorite part of being involved with SHARING has been the opportunities I've had to meet such a wide variety of people beyond the classroom. Serving on both the Student and Faculty Boards of SHARING, I've been able to work closely with both students and faculty from all disciplines at UNMC, including the College of Dentistry in Lincoln. The interdisciplinary nature of the clinics provides students a real-world situation that they may not see until they reach the workforce. My involvement in SHARING has afforded me the opportunities to interact with leaders of the community, from the director of an after-school program in Omaha to the Minister of Health of Mexico. Most rewarding part, however, has been providing necessary health care for patients at the clinics who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. Not only do I get to know the most underserved in my own community, but also time and time again I am reminded why I chose a career in health in the first place.

Stephen Krumland
College of Medicine Class of 2014

Faculty Testimonials

I find this clinic a very valuable addition to both student training and for the community. I feel it is important for UNMC students to have an opportunity to give back the benefits they have been blessed with. This clinic certainly exemplifies the generosity of students in medicine.

Dr. Carol Swarts