I don’t know if I’m officially a sophomore or a junior.  Can I still apply? 
Undergraduate students who have completed fewer than 60 credit hours of undergraduate study at the time they submit their application are eligible to apply to SHPEP.  If you have completed 60 or more credit hours, you might consider applying for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program.
I have a GPA less than 2.5, can I still apply?
The national program office encourages all interested students who meet other eligibility criteria to apply. If you are not admitted the first time you apply, and still fall below 60 credit hours by the time you reaply the following year, you have the opportunity to get your grades up and resubmit!

How many students usually apply?  How many students do you take each year?
In previous years we have received up to 400 applications.  An applicant can pick up to three schools to which to apply.  UNMC SHPEP has 90 available positions (40 pre-med, 20 pre-dental, 10 pre-nursing, 10 public health, and 10 pre-PT).
Who should I pick to write reference letters for me?
Your letter of reference should come from a pre-health professions advisor, a college professor, or from a health professions employer who can speak to your academic strengths and personal character. Occassionally students submit letters from high school advisors or teachers. Be prepared to provide you reference with a current resume, and explain you reason for why you would be an excellent SHPEP Scholar. Always ask if your reference would be willing to provide you with a positive letter of recommendation.
How do I "stand out” among the other applicants?  How can I make my application more competitive?  What does the admissions team look for in an applicant?
We want to learn more about you and your passion for pursuing a health professions career. Remember, good writing is rewriting, so spend quality time on these essays and let them fully express who you are.  Let other people read them and give you feedback.  Rewrite them a few times before you submit them. Consider seeking support from your college or university writing center staff. 
Can I bring my car?
Yes, you can bring your car.  You can not drive it to class or to any official, scheduled functions.Daily transportation to all SHPEP sponsored activities will be provided by the program.  Participants, who bring cars will have to purchase a temporary, six-week, parking permit (~$50).
Can I commute to SHPEP?  Do I have to stay in the dorms for the 6 weeks?
We do require you stay in the dorms for the 6 weeks. Scholars stay in the Scott Crossing residence hall on the campus of the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO). Scott Crossing is UNO's newest residence hall located at the heart of Scott Campus.
What does the schedule look like?
Monday through Friday 9-5 is in the classroom or lab.  Evenings and weekends have various required participation events. View a Sample Schedule here- Please note that the schedule changes every year, and this is only to be used as an example.
Can I have a job or take other classes during the six-week program?
No.  SHPEP is an intense program with required events in the evenings and on the weekends.  You will not be able to keep up with a job or with taking other classes.  One-hundred percent of your focus needs to be on SHPEP when you are here. 
Can I come late or leave early from the program?
No. Unless you have a medical or family emergency, you will need to be here for the entire six weeks. 
Do you offer any financial assistance for travel?
Yes.  If you travel from more than 40 miles away, we provide up to $500 for travel expenses.
My pre-health, pre-dental and/or pre-medical club would like to know more information about the program.  Can someone come and tell us more about it?
Yes, certainly.  Currently, we travel to states within our region set by the national office (NE, ND, SD, CO, KS, and MO), but if you are outside this region and still want someone to speak to your group, we can arrange for a Zoom call/Webinar for you.
I do not have health insurance, will I still be able to participate in SHPEP?
Students are required to obtain health insurance for the duration of their time in the program. A short-term student health insurance policy can be purchased through UNMC. The cost averages around $230 a month.
I am not a U.S. citizen, will I be able to apply?
Students must be U.S. citizens, granted permanent residency, or have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
I am a high school student who has earned college credits. Can I apply?
SHPEP applicants must have earned a high school diploma or GED at the time of their application submission to be eligible for the program.
Do we have access to the Gym?
Yes. Scholars have access to the Health & Kinesiology Wellness Center on the UNO campus. The facility is newly renovated and provides an Aquatics Center with an indoor Olympic-size pool and spa pool. The Fitness and Wellness Center includes a weight room and cardio machines; spinning rooms; an elevated jogging track; and a golf, fencing, and archery lab.
Will SHPEP help me prepare for the MCAT exam or DAT?
SHPEP does not have an exam preparatory component. However, the program's basic science curriculum covers content that is included on most entrance exams.
Please review our UNMC SHPEP summary document for more information!