The Sorrell Clinical Skills Lab's simulation rooms are equipped with two video cameras and a microphone that provides digital video and audio recording with playback capability for teaching and critiquing students. Two rooms have glass windows for observation.

An intercom system aids communication between faculty and students.

High-Fidelity Simulation Rooms (2)  
  • Two private hospital rooms with functioning air and suction
  • Two high-definition cameras in each room
  • Area for debriefing with 52" monitor allowing video playback options
High-Fidelity Simulation Control Room  
  • Allows for computer control and changing of manikins with student knowledge of changes being made
  • Allows for observation of simulation without distraction by being in the room
  • Allows controller to “speak for the manikin” through wireless microphones
Clinical Skills Rooms (16)  
  • Sixteen simulated physician offices, 10 large to accommodate 12-14 students in each room, six regular exam rooms
  • Two small exam rooms have one-way viewing glass, allowing for observation without distraction of faculty in the room
  • Equipped with exam table, otoscope, opthalmoscope, blood pressure cuff and thermometer mounted on the walls
  • Two high-definition cameras in the room
  • Includes inside the room computer capabilities for Standardized patient feedback along with computer outside the room for student feedback
Operating Room  
  • Full 600 square foot Operating Room environment including table, lights, monitors, functioning gas, air and power on light towers and anesthesia and gas machines
  • OR area can be converted into Emergency medicine trauma bay
B-Line Medical Control Room  
  • Sophisticated computerized audio/video retrieval system
  • Allows instructors the options to videotape students exercises
  • Remote control of all 38 high definition cameras; two in each Clinical skills rooms, in each simulation room and the hospital suite
  • Pre-programmed with instructors materials which can include: patient history, review of materials, work for the day, or other pre-exercise materials
  • Pre-programmed for post-exercise instructional materials and/or evaluations to be presented to either the students, standardized patients or both immediately following exercise
  • Questionnaires, checklists and evaluation forms are automatically corrected and statistically tabulated and can be reported (of any materials other than short answer questions) in more than 50 different statistical reports, available upon completion.