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Departmental Assignments for Grants Team

Academic Affairs Madison Gray
Business and Finance Madison Gray
Child Health Research Institute Michele Griebel
College of Allied Health Professions Michele Griebel
College of Dentistry Michele Griebel
College of Medicine  
Anesthesiology Lee Jaramillo
Biochemistry Shannon Robinson
Cellular/Integrative Physiology Michele Griebel
Dermatology Lee Jaramillo
Emergency Medicine Micah Moravec
Family Medicine Lee Jaramillo
Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy Micah Moravec
Internal Medicine  
Allergy Sara Dejano
Cardiology Michele Griebel
Endocrinology Michele Griebel
Gastroenterology Lee Jaramillo
General Medicine Lee Jaramillo
Geriatrics Michele Griebel
Hospital Medicine Micah Moravec
Infectious Disease  Lee Jaramillo
Nephrology Sara Dejano
Oncology Michele Griebel
Pulmonary Sara Dejano
Rheumatology Micah Moravec
Neurological Science Laura Wise
Neurosurgery Lee Jaramillo
OB/GYN Lee Jaramillo
Ophthalmology Micah Moravec
Orthopedics Michele Griebel
Otolaryngology Sara Dejano
Pathology/Microbiology Sara Dejano
Pediatrics Michele Griebel
Pharmacology Laura Wise
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Lee Jaramillo
Psychiatry Sara Dejano
Radiation Oncology Micah Moravec
Radiology Lee Jaramillo
Surgery Sara Dejano
College of Nursing Micah Moravec
College of Pharmacy Laura Wise
College of Public Health Lee Jaramillo
Eppley Institute Shannon Robinson
Information Technology Services Madison Gray
Library Madison Gray
Munroe Meyer Institute Sara Dejano
Office of the Chancellor Madison Gray
Vice Chancellor for Research Madison Gray