UNeHealth Information for Sponsors (Tax ID, etc)

Sponsors typically require information from sites for the purpose of setting up contract templates, vendor payment systems, etc. In most cases, they request this information from clinical coordinators, so it is important for coordinators to understand that the information for UNeHealth contracts is different than for UNMC contracts. Please share UNeHealth information for the following when working with an industry sponsor:

Exceptions: All new master clinical trial agreements will be through UNeHealth, but existing UNMC masters are still in use until they can be converted.


UNeHealth Information

Parties to Agreement UNeHealth and Board of Regents, acting by and behalf of the University of Nebraska Medical Center
Indirect Rate 28% (From UNMC's Negotiated Rate for Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials)
Fringe Benefit Rate Standard UNMC Rates
Legal Name UNeHealth
Organization Type Non-profit ancillary organization of the University of Nebraska formed by UNMC, authorized by the Board of Regents
Payee UNeHealth
Payee Type UNeHealth is the fiscal arm of the University of Nebraska Medical Center for the conduct of clinical trials
Financial Official
payment address
Linda Combs, BSBA
Accounting Manager
985090 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE  68198-5090
Phone:  402-559-5825
email:  lvondras@unmc.edu
or Craig Poole (cpoole@unmc.edu)
EIN/Federal Tax ID 47-0771713

UNeHealth W9 (Effective 1/1/22)
Contact UNeHealth Contract Associate

Contracting Address

Attn: Chris Kratochvil, MD
985331 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha,  NE  68198-5331

Phone: 402-559-7614
email:  unehealthdist@unmc.edu

Human Subject Assurance Number FWA 00002939
NPI Number 1790042786