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Find an expert to speak to your community group

Looking for a speaker for your organization, club or classroom? The University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Speakers Bureau offers community groups across Nebraska a resource of experts on a diverse group of topics.

Through the UNMC Speakers Bureau, your community group, club, civic or professional organization can tap into the expertise of university faculty members for presentations and discussions at no cost. Our volunteer speakers come from many areas, including cancer research, wellness and mental health.

To request and schedule a speaker

If you are interested in having a UNMC expert speak at your event, please contact the speaker’s bureau coordinator at least one month before the scheduled event by completing the Request a Speaker form.

Requests are subject to the availability of our volunteer speakers.  

Available Topics:

Brain Cancer

How the brain works

Breast Cancer
Skin Cancer
Prevention and Early Detection
Cancer Research & Developments
Cancer Support

Diabetes Health Information

Diabetes Medication
Diabetes Risk Factors
Diabetes Management

Managing your health information
Health Policy Overview

Heart Disease Infectious Diseases

Heart Attacks & Strokes
Prevention of Heart Disease
Congestive Heart Failure

Staph Infection
Infectious Diseases

Men's Health Mental Health

Prostate Cancer
Overall Health

Mental Disorders
Caring for Mentally Ill
Adolescent Mental Disorders

Nursing Other Topics

Nursing overview

Careers in Healthcare
UNMC Overview
Allied Health
College of Medicine
College of Public Health
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Public Health Pulmonary

Preparedness and response (e.g., tornado, Ebola)
Public health practice
Workforce training
Global health
Health care workforce data
Environmental, agricultural, occupational, and rural health

Smoking Cessation
Sleep Apnea
Senior Health Teen Health

Mental Health Issues
Healthy Aging

Sex Education
Risky Behavior 

Transplantation Wellness

Heart Transplantation
Kidney & Pancreas Transplantation
Liver & Intestinal Transplantation
Lung Transplantation

Exercise & Weight Loss
Women's Health  

Breast Health
Gynecological Care