Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center

Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center

Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center elevates cancer care in region

The new Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center dramatically changes the skyline of both the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and its clinical partner, Nebraska Medicine.

More importantly, it will change the lives of individuals with cancer by providing the best in science and clinical practice.

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Pamela Buffett
Founding Benefactor

“But I think his great gift was he really appreciated all people, all races, all economic levels, all, just everybody had a value.”

“He was filled with honor. He really was, and, but we just didn’t, I think if anything Fred and I, especially Fred, low-keyed it all. I mean Fred wore jeans and flannel shirts.”

“I think the gifts I brought to Fred were a sense of light and fun and then I think from Susie Buffett, Warren’s wife, she taught me many great lessons in my life, which were, everyone matters, everyone has value, she was always out there working for mankind. So what I think I brought to Fred is the encouragement that the values he had that together we could make a difference in the world. Now when we were first married we didn’t have what we have now. But early on in our life, Fred became very philanthropic, and of course I watched that. I mean when I say Fred did, but you know, he was the one that started our life in the philanthropic world.”

“For Fred and I, we were both born here, we both loved Omaha, Nebraska, our roots are here our family is here, this was just the natural place to do it, and I’m so happy I did.”

“So Susie called me, I was in the airport in Los Angles, LAX, and she started talking to me about the cancer center and then my only words to her were yes, I’d be really happy to do it but call your dad first and see if he thinks I should and he said yes, so we started. And I really would love to have named it after Warren but he won’t let us. So Fred is right up there in his class and so we did it for Fred.”

“I really try to help whenever I could how much I appreciate and grateful for all the people I know in my life and all the gifts that they have given me. I guess if there is any lesson I would like to leave for people is to really reach out and help someone else and the gift is always going to come back to you and that’s not why you do it but you know the love just pours into your heart. So my legacy is I hope people look at me I was a kind loving person to everybody, to all the people I meet in my life which are many and many economic levels, many races, all different kinds and everyone one of them mean a tremendous amount to me and I am grateful for them.”

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Jeffrey P. Gold, MD
Chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Chairman of the Board, Nebraska Medicine

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The Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center is not only a uniquely architected and constructed building, but it’s a way that doctors and nurses, therapists and others who care for patients will have an opportunity to interact directly with research scientists who are trying to find, to prevent, to diagnose and to cure cancer.

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The Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center gives us an opportunity to bring cancer researchers and cancer clinicians closer together. The research scientists, the students, the graduate staff will have the opportunity to meet patients but also to see their families and understand the consequences and the impact that cancer has on a family and on a community.

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Ken Cowan, MD, PhD
Director, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center and Professor of Oncology

We want every single patient to feel like they are the focus of our total attention. Everybody here is here to provide the best care and the best opportunities for their care. It’s going to be a place of exceptional care and unlimited hope. Unlimited hope through the research that’s being done in the laboratories in this building. To offer them new opportunities for treatment and diagnosis that cannot be that are not available anywhere else.

So we’re opening up a facility where we’ve integrated all cancer research and cancer care under one roof and literally put their offices side-by-side and no other cancer center in the world has actually done this-literally put the physician’s offices adjacent to the research offices so the clinicians understand the discoveries and the science that’s going on in the laboratory that can help the scientist understand how do we get those discoveries into new therapies in the clinic as quickly as possible.

Dan DeBehnke, MD, MBA
CEO, Nebraska Medicine 

It’s not really Nebraska Medicine’s or UNMC’ cancer center, it’s the community’s cancer center, it’s the state’s cancer center. This public-private partnership and the rallying in the community making this a reality I think is really one of the things that make it unique.

We’ve got an amazing healing arts program and we know that that component is really important to patient care and to healing. And so it’s going to be an experience like no other. It’s absolutely spectacular-all the components of it – the art, the pictures, the placement throughout the building, the Sanctuary, the outdoor component.

Julie Vose, MD, MBA
Chief, University of Nebraska Medical Center Division of Oncology & Hematology and Professor of Internal Medicine 

The patients are going to have a different experience from the very first time that they walk in or drive up to the Buffett Cancer Center. It’s going to be very convenient for them. all of the services they need really are in really a close proximity and location, including clinics, including infusion, surgery, research areas, blood draws, radiation oncology – everything is conveniently located in one area. So they’re really going to have that experience right away when they walk in the door.

The healing arts program and all the arts in it is really going to give them a feeling of a healing environment which is I think going to be really helpful to their overall care. Pictures really can’t do justice to all the beautiful art in the building and really what you get when you walk into the place is a very calming feeling and one of trying to pull the whole system together to try to help the patients and their families to help get through a very difficult experience and I think patients are going to find it a very soothing environment.

Sarah Thayer, MD, PhD
Associate Director for Clinical Affairs and Physician-in-Chief, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, Chief of Surgical Oncology at UNMC and Merle M. Musselman Centennial Professor of Surgery.

The Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center is actually not only an innovative architectural design, meaning it integrates both science as well as clinical care into the same building, but it integrates it in such a delightful manner meaning that our patients, our physicians and our scientists are intermingled, allowing for an unbelievable view at what each other does.

The real innovation is what it stands to do which is to integrate information exchange, not just including the physicians and the scientists but also giving the scientist a real person in which they’re studying their disease. So it’s not about a pathway and it’s not about a disease, but it’s about a human being and so that’s what makes it so unique.