Simulated swab

UNMC training model developed to aid accurate COVID testing

Nasopharyngeal swabs -- collecting a specimen in the nose -- have been done millions of times worldwide to test for COVID-19, but they can produce false negative results when not done correctly. Improper swabbing also can injure patients with certain nasal conditions.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center’s iEXCEL team have created an advanced model to help improve the skills of those performing the swabs. Five Oral Nasal Pharyngeal Anatomy Clinical Education trainers– called ONPACE – are now available at the Davis Global Center.



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Video and audio

Transcriptions of video/audio soundbites

Pronunciation: Nasopharyngeal and pharyngeal (NAY-ZO) (FAIR-N-GEE-ALL)

Christie Barnes, MD, assistant professor and rhinologist in the UNMC Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Ben Stobbe (STOW-BEE), iEXCEL assistant vice chancellor for clinical simulation, whose team helped develop the Oral Nasal Pharyngeal Anatomy Clinical Education trainer