Social Media

Social media

Connect with UNMC through social media

UNMC uses social media to connect with, listen to and serve as a trusted resource to our community. Follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube for the latest news on our campus. Have a story that you’d love to share with us? Please tag us or use the hashtag #IamUNMC to be featured on our official social media pages. 

If you are part of the UNMC community and considering creating a new UNMC social media page, you must first submit this request form. Once you have received approval, Digital Media Manager Aurelie Villard will work with you on creating the account and following best practices. 

If you want to create a UNMC podcast, submit this request for approval. Once the podcast is approved, Strategic Communications will provide custom graphics to visually represent the podcast, webhosting and online listing among UNMC podcasts. We do not record or edit podcasts.

Please refer to these resources for:

Social Media Best Practices for UNMC Accounts

Social Media Best Practices for Personal Accounts