Getting online visitors where they need to be

Our website,, is the first place our visitors turn to for information about our research, programs and colleges. The Web team specializes in content strategy, web design and development. Our goal is to get our online visitors where they need to be.

The Web team is available to assist and advise on management of the approximately 120 subsites within The team manages the Cascade Server content management system, as well as multiple WordPress blogs. The team maintains standards across all subsites, sets guidelines and advises on best practices.

Requests to create a new subsite, redesign an existing subsite or to change a subsite’s tab names should be submitted to Ryan Shaw, senior manager of web.

Online photo databases

Photo databases with images available for use on websites include our Flickr page and Webdam, our digital asset management system. To request access to WebDam, contact Kent Sievers.