Academic Success Program

Who may use the Academic Success Program?

All currently enrolled students may use the Academic Success Program. It is for:

What can I expect from the Academic Success Program?

Assessment and Plan
The counselor will determine your learning strengths and weaknesses using interview and a variety of assessments. Once areas of improvement have been pinpointed, the counselor will assist you in developing a specific plan for reaching your academic goals.

Skill Instruction
The skill instruction portion of the program serves to fill gaps in learning techniques that become apparent when a student's abilities are stressed by a fast-paced and rigorous curriculum. The student will receive personal instruction, handouts and supplementary readings to gain the recommended skills. During the fall semester, a series of study skill workshops are available.

What about tutoring?

We can help you determine if individualized tutoring would be appropriate for your situation and suggest where you might go to find an appropriate tutor.

What if I just want to work on study skills myself?

We can recommend many study guides, video-tapes, books and web sites on survival in the health sciences.

What study skills topics are covered?

Individual instruction and a fall workshop series is offered on the following topics:

When should I call the Academic Success Program?

We suggest that students first ask for help from their course directors. The faculty are the topic experts and will assist you with understanding course material that may be unclear. If, after consulting your professors, you do not experience a noticeable improvement in test grades, or you continue to struggle with study skills, don't hesitate to call. The earlier you seek intervention, the better.