Admissions FAQs

Q. Have you received my transcripts?

As documents and other materials are matched with your application, UNMC Student Self-Service website will be updated. Note that updating of materials in the to-do list section is a manual process for UNMC and may take some time. Please continually check your status by logging into self-service.

Q. I just submitted my application; I don’t see anything on self-service when I login.

Please allow 48 to 72 hours for the information to populate. If you continue to have problems, please contact the program to which you’ve applied.

Q. How do I confirm my application went through successfully?

If you’ve received a payment confirmation, you should get an automatic email telling you that your application was submitted successfully. If you know you paid and did not receive a payment confirmation, you need to contact the program to which you applied. Please provide the program with your NUID #, and some form of confirmation from your credit card company or bank of payment confirmation so they can troubleshoot your application.

Q. Where do I go to check the status of my application submission?

Please check your status by logging into self-service.

Q. After I've entered my school information and saved it, when I go back where do I enter my course work?

Go to Educational History. Click on school attended. The school will be highlighted in light blue. Click on the pencil with the word "Edit" beside it. Another screen will open. Click on the green circle with the + to add your courses.