Student Insurance FAQs

Q. I don’t need insurance, but it still shows on my bill.

It is the policy of UNMC that all full time students have health insurance.  Health insurance can be carried by a family member, spouse or the student.  If you are covered by health insurance outside of UNMC you can waive the university insurance beginning two weeks prior to the start of classes and up to two weeks after school has started. For more information regarding health insurance please contact Devin Schleicher 402-559-5328.

Q. I need insurance, how can I get it?

Student insurance is automatically charged to all students who are enrolled full-time.  If you are less than full-time and need health insurance email Student Accounts as soon as possible.

Q. What is disability insurance? 

Disability insurance is charged to Medical and Physician Assistant students only and is charged in the fall.  For specific details please contact Devin Schleicher 402-559-5328.