Graduating Student Transcript Information

Understanding your transcript needs to sit for boards, and your transcripts need to be licensed, are key elements when making your request for transcripts. Below are some policies to consider.

Per UNMC policy, all faculty have five (5) days from the last day of the semester to post grades. 

State of Nebraska Licensure Exams: If you choose to sit for the Nebraska Licensure Exam, you may do so without a transcript. You CAN NOT be licensed in Nebraska until the transcript is received by the State Board. The State Licensing Board does not require a GPA be posted to the transcript; however, they do require the posting of the degree and the degree conferral date. (example: Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Degree Conferred: December 17, 2010)

Other State Licensing Exams: If you intend to sit for a licensing exam in a state other than Nebraska, it will be incumbent upon you to determine what is required for that exam. If a transcript with a GPA is required, that can not be sent until final grades are posted. Review the requirements before making your transcript request to ensure you are requesting the correct option(s). Understand that certain requirements may result in the transcript being delayed until all the requirements can be met.

When you complete a transcript request, you have several processing options:

  1. Hold for posting of Degree (transcript will include current semester grades)
  2. Hold for posting of current semester Grades (transcript will NOT be held for degree posting)
  3. Send Now
Complete your transcript request in accordance with Licensure Exam or State Licensing Board requirements.

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