Verifications/State Licensure

State Licensures are forms to be completed by UNMC and require the UNMC seal. These forms are provided by the student or state.
Please send Licensure forms to:
UNMC Academic Records
984230 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4230

Please use this address if you are using an express mailing option:
University of Nebraska Medical Center
ATTN: Academic Records zip 4230
601 S. Saddle Creek RD.
Omaha, NE  68106

There is no charge for State Licensure completion.
If transcripts are required, please follow the directions located on the transcripts page.
If you have questions, contact Academic Records at 402-559-2151.

Degree verifications do not require the UNMC seal. All verifications are completed by the National Student Clearinghouse for a minimal charge. Please visit the National Student Clearinghouse website.