Intercampus - Change of Campus

Intercampus: For any student who is currently attending UNMC and would like to take courses at another University of Nebraska campus for a semester. A new Intercampus Application is required each semester you will be attending another campus.

Change of Campus: For any student who is attending or has attended UNMC and is now applying for admission as a degree-seeking student at a different University of Nebraska campus.


Intercampus Requirements

Submit an Application for Intercampus Enrollment


Change of Campus Requirements

If you have previously attended within the last 5 years or are a current University of Nebraska student wanting to transfer to another University of Nebraska campus, please complete the Change of Campus Form and an admission application.

By completing a Change of Campus Form and following the instructions, the credentials from your previous or current campus will be transferred to the University of Nebraska campus you are applying to.
In general, credits and grades earned at other University of Nebraska campuses will be accepted, computed into the student's NU grade point average, and will become a part of the permanent record from which official transcripts will be made.

Submit a Change of Campus Application