University of Nebraska Medical Center

Covered Services

For students who pay Fund B, covered services during office visits in the Student Health Clinic or designated Nebraska Medicine locations include:

  • Contraceptive counseling and health education (the cost of all forms of contraception is excluded)
  • Annual routine eye exam only (corrective lenses and associated fitting fees excluded)
    • Eye exams are performed at the Stanley M. Truhlsen Eye Institute; call 402-559-2020 to make an appointment.
  • Physical therapy/pain management (eight visits per injury with referral) at the Lauritzen Outpatient Center
  • Treatment of minor trauma and disease

Comprehensive confidential counseling services (academic, career, interpersonal, couples and psychological counseling) are provided free of charge through Counseling and Psychological Services in the Student Life Center 2031. Call 402-559-7276 to make an appointment.

Covered Labs and Tests

In Clinic Lab:

  • Glucose Finger Stick
  • KOH Skin Scraping (CPT 87220 only)
  • Rapid Strep Test Swab
  • Hemoglobin
  • Urinalysis
  • Hemocult
  • Urine Pregnancy Test

In Clinic Testing/Treatment:

  • Ear Irrigation
  • Inhalation Treatment
  • Oximetry
  • Peak Flow
  • Skin Lesion removal not requiring pathology