University of Nebraska Medical Center

Emergency Care

If you have a medical emergency or are experiencing severe symptoms, you should report to the nearest emergency room. Please make sure you have proof of insurance with you at all times. All emergency room and urgent care visits will be billed to your insurance plan. Please contact your insurance provider with questions.

  • Approved referrals do not constitute or ensure automatic payment by the insurance company. The insurance company will pay for covered expenses only. If you are on the UHCSR insurance plan, find out what is covered on their website.
  • If you are not on the UHCSR insurance plan, please contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage. If you do not have a referral from Student Health, the entire cost of the visit and services rendered may be your personal responsibility.

All students at UNMC are required to have medical insurance.

United Healthcare Student Resource (UHCSR)

Students who have paid into Fund B and have UHCSR coverage are required to contact Student Health Administration via email or by calling 402-559-5158 or 402-559-5691 within 48 hours of release for a referral if seen in an emergency room or an immediate care clinic outside of Student Health clinic hours.

Other Insurance

Students who have any other insurance need to contact your insurance carrier to see if a referral is required. Any services not covered by Student Health Fund B must be filed with the student's/dependent's major medical insurance plan.