UNMC Vitals

UNMC Vitals

A weekly digest called UNMC Vitals is sent out each Monday morning with a listing of campus events for the upcoming weeks. Registered student organizations and campus organizations can submit their events/announcements to Vitals up to three weeks ahead of the event (ensuring that it will run in two total editions of UNMC Vitals). Submissions must be made by Friday at 3:00pm to be included in the following week’s edition.

Events can be submitted to UNMC Vitals via one of two routes:

  • Organizations can directly e-mail their event/announcement to the e-mail address vitals@unmc.edu.
  • Organizations can create a UNMC Engage event (unmc.campuslabs.com/engage). The event will be included in Vitals up to three weeks ahead of the event (published in Vitals at least two times before the event date).

For more information or questions, contact Krysta Larson: krlarson@unmc.edu or 402-559-3809.

Tips for Event Submission

  • Include a UNMC Engage event link or an RSVP form so you are able to collect names of interested students and follow up as needed.
  • Submit your event through UNMC Engage to automatically add it to the student organization event calendar.
  • Include an image in your submission to draw more attention to your event.

Approved Uses

  • Interprofessional communication for registered student organizations and academies. An organization is one that has an approved application for Student Organizations on file with the Student Life Inclusion and Diversity Office (SLIDO).
  • Examples of approved uses include organizational meetings and events such as faculty-led discussions, fundraisers, guest speakers, movie showings, musical events, and interprofessional student-funded events.
  • Communications sent by UNMC administrative bodies (examples include Public Relations, Parking, Bookstore, and Alumni Association.)

Not Approved:

  • Emails containing advertisement of items for sale/rent including houses, books, etc. Utilize the classifieds on the UNMC Mobile App – http://www.unmc.edu/mobile/