Faculty & Staff Resources

Referring Students to ASC

If students identify themselves as having physical, psychological, sensory, or learning disabilities, please refer them to ASC for services. This can be done via a warm handoff email to Jen Papproth, Executive Director, at jepapproth@unmc.edu or by providing the student with the contact information for ASC. Please remember that it is inappropriate to ask someone if they have a disability.

Questions & Concerns

Please call or email the ASC if you have any questions related to:

Syllabus Statement

Each course syllabus should include the ASC syllabus statement related to reasonable accommodations:

Reasonable accommodations are provided for students who are registered with UNMC Accessibility Services Center (UNMC ASC) and make their requests sufficiently in advance. For more information, contact UNMC ASC (Location: Student Life Center, Suite 2031; Phone: 402.554.2872, Email: jepapproth@unmc.edu)

Sign Language Interpreting

Please email Stephanie Vik svik@unomaha.edu to request interpreting services or if you have questions about how to interact with interpreters in your classroom or clinical areas.

Note Takers

The intention of this accommodation is to assist students who cannot generate a complete set of notes on their own. It is not a replacement for attendance. Therefore, notes are only provided when the student with a disability attends class.

If a student has the “Note Taker” accommodation and requests a note taker:

  1. Make an announcement to the class that there is a student who needs a volunteer note taker for the semester. This involves sharing their notes with someone who cannot take adequate notes on their own.
  2. As you make this announcement please remember that disability information is confidential. It is important that the student with a disability is not identified in front of the class.
  3. When a student volunteers, ask them to stay after class for a brief meeting. The student with a disability will meet the volunteer at that time and make arrangements for obtaining the notes. It is helpful when the instructor oversees this initial meeting.
  4. If the student with a disability prefers to remain anonymous, the notes will need to be passed through the instructor or another third party.
  5. If the student with a disability has a complaint about the quality or delivery of notes, it is the student’s responsibility to alert the ASC.

Please contact ASC if you have additional questions or need clarification.