Student CARE Team

Student Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation Team (CARE Team)

The Student CARE Team serves as the coordinating hub of a network of existing resources and focuses on prevention and early intervention in campus situations involving students experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors.

The Student CARE Team will develop intervention and support strategies, offer case coordination, and will regularly review situations and recommend actions in accordance with existing university policies.

Members of the Student CARE Team will address every report that is submitted to the team. Intervention by the Student CARE Team members typically involves handling confidential information, so those filing the report will not necessarily know the resolution of the Student CARE Team situation.

All concerns are taken seriously and will be investigated promptly. 


Every effort will be made to keep your report confidential; however, the members of the Student CARE Team, as administrative agents in an educational institution, adhere to the laws and standards governing the disclosure of information to third parties both within and external to the university. Such information is only disclosed on an administrative need-to-know basis and only according to the relevant laws/policies that govern such disclosure.


In support of the UNMC Mission, the Student CARE Team’s mission is to address concerns related to the health and safety of the campus community by coordinating information and developing support plans as needed.




It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, and students to immediately report any situation that could reasonably result in harm. Any member of the campus community may become aware of a troubling person or situation that is causing serious anxiety, stress, or fear. However, assessment of behavior that might constitute a threat should not be confused with management of a crisis*.

*A crisis may be defined where a person may pose an active or immediate risk of violence to self or others. In these cases UNMC Public Safety should be contacted at 402-559-5111.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student CARE Team?
The Student Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation Team (CARE Team) is a multidisciplinary team that meets on a regular basis to review and respond to reports of concerning student behavior.

Who can make a referral?
Anyone who feels there is a behavior that is concerning can make a Student CARE Team referral, including students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members.

What happens after I make a referral?
The Student CARE Team evaluates the information and makes recommendations on whether further action is warranted at the time. Remember, reporting is the most critical step.

How do I know if a concerning behavior is a Student CARE Team issue?
You do not have to make that determination. We encourage you to take the next critical step, which is to report the concerning behavior by submitting the online referral form. If you would like to consult with a member of Student CARE Team before submitting an online report, please call our dedicated line at 402-290-3810.

Can I report a concern anonymously?
Yes. However, you are encouraged to identify yourself because this may assist the Student CARE Team if clarification or additional information is needed.

I don't have a great deal of evidence, so should I wait before notifying someone?
Sometimes we don't have all the evidence. Let the Student CARE Team weigh the information and see if gathering more facts is warranted as a response plan is evaluated.